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Photo: Marco Onofri

Silvia Bertocchi was born in Cagliari (Sardinia) in 1993. She lives and works in Milan, Italy. She began studying ballet in her childhood, and she has never stopped writing stories and poems
She moved to Milan where she studied drama at the ''Quelli di Grock'' school.  
Silvia has collaborated as an author with magazines such as GQ and

Rolling Stone.

An actress, she appeared in the Independent films ''The Broken Key'' with Geraldine Chaplin and Rutger Hauer, and in  ''Credo in un solo padre'' for which she also painted a cover for the movie. Meanwhile, she continued  work on her personal projects.
2019 is the time of ''InumanAnomaliA'' a personal exhibition of paintings and materic works, introduced with the performance and installation

In March 2020 during the COVID-19 Emergency in Milan, Silvia presented her work SORTECERTA at Triennale Milano joining the ''Decameron'' - storie in streaming'' project.

She has written, performed and directed the short movie / video performance ''2020: Milano Lockdown Manifesto'' set in Milano out of where Leonardo da Vinci's ''Last Supper'' is kept, and the City Prison ''San Vittore'' during lockdown, she collaborated with American Musician Ella Vos who lent her voice to narrate the movie in the international version of the project. 

Silvia deepens the study of performative world with the Marina Abramovic Institute with which she completes

''Cleaning the House'' seminar on the Abramovic method for long durational 


She is then directed by Davide Iodice in ''Em ​​Body '' experimental work between theatre and performance with the involvement of small groups of audiences produced by Sardegna Teatro.

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