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Photo: Marco Onofri

Silvia Bertocchi was born on the island of Sardinia first she moved to Barcelona, where she worked in street theatre, then she moved to Milano for studying theatre where she still works and lives. Her work ranges from dance to visual art and includes poetry, film, video and performance art. She often collaborates with musicians for her projects (such as Ella Vos and Roberto Dellera, just to name a few) and addresses current issues such as social equality, the role of women and human rights in modern society enchanted by progress. Silvia’s work aims to be faithful to a constantly evolving imaginary, in which vision, sound and poetry coexist to create iconic sensations. 
A 360°young and multifaceted artist Silvia Bertocchi approaches the world of visual art thanks to a remarkable and multi-disciplinary artistic path (from ballet to theater to visual arts) This path has led the artist to arrive at a precocious, self-awareness and the achievement of certain objectives: best representing the relationship between the body, performance art and theatrical practices through a total fusion. 
Sharing her work with the public has led the artist to test a multifaceted and ever developing personal image, that generates and feeds on the connections it creates, totally breaking down the boundaries between work and research. 
With a professional background in dance and a diploma in theatre, Silvia deepened her study of performance art with the Abramovic Institute and created her pieces, among others, for the Triennale Museum (Sortecerta, 2020), for

the Ducal Palace in Genoa (Shou, 2020) and for other project spaces and art galleries, as well as two solo exhibitions of visual works with mixed materials: the first one in 2019 in Milan and the second one in 2021 in Rome. In 2020, as a consequence of the Pandemic, that made any live exhibition impossible, Silvia wrote and directed the short film – video performance “2020: Milano Lockdown Manifesto”, shot in early March 2020 in the nerve centre of the emergency, Milan, breaking the mandatory lockdown and filming with a smartphone outside San Vittore prison and Santa Maria delle Grazie Cathedral, where Leonardo da Vinci’s Cenacle is kept. With this work of just seven minutes, she won a special mention at the “Entretodos” Human Rights festival of São Paulo in Brazil. It also was screened, taking part in the competition, at the Rollout International Dance Film Festival in Macao, China, in the colonial villa of Casa Garden, a UNESCO site. Furthermore, it won the Grand Prix of the Jury at the Vesuvian International film festival. The English version of the film is dubbed by the American musician and popstar Ella Vos. In 2021 Silvia was chosen to represent Italy by the international hotel chain Melià, as a part of the project “Woman is Art”, that involved, in addition to her, six other artists from various parts of the world, including Veronica Ruth Frias, Cintia Lund and Lauren Baker. Then she wrote, performed and directed “Film Rosa”, a transdisciplinary short film, which is an experimental work with various actors and a single instrument: the bass guitar of Roberto Dell'Era, the historical bass player of the band Afterhours and, on this occasion, also part of the film as an character, whose soundtrack is in some parts played live. This work investigates the theme of mental illness, by exploiting performative aspects and working with a cast of non-actors, In general, Silvia Bertocchi’s work aspires to convey a sense of malleable possibility and universal expression that overcomes means and attempts of enchainment, expressing itself with as many languages as possible and finding new ones to allow everyone to tell their own story.

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