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Performance (2021) - 180 min

ABOUT: written by Silvia Bertocchi and performed by Silvia Bertocchi and Roberto Dell'Era at Spazio Arte Tolomeo, in Milan, Italy.
''La leggerezza dell'aria quando esplode'' (the lightness of the air when it explodes) is a performance created to involve spectators, allowing them to perform a cathartic act of liberation. 
Looking for a possible future and a lineage for our ideas, we move in the air, we can try to trap it, structure it to obtain wind to fly. But who has ever really learned to do it?
Fragmented spaces and movement. The public waits to use the tools made available to change shapes and actions, the tools destroy the air and create spaces for possible futures.
On the notes of Dellera's bass (bassist of the rock band Afterhours and founder of The Winstons), the artist, dancing continuously, first inflates a balloon with helium and then lets herself be transported to the woolen thread that cuts and binds to her body. It then approaches the sharp objects and remains motionless. 
At this point the viewer can burst the balloon with one of the sharp instruments, so that the scene can be repeated endlessly, with a new balloon, new helium, new music and so on. 
We trust the present and defeat the inertia that leads us to follow balloons inflated with air that distract us from the strong wind blowing. From a single explosion our futures are outlined, motionless until the sound of the explosion, and then resume the journey towards tomorrow.


Performance (2021) - 50 min

ABOUT: written and performed by Silvia Bertocchi at the Cael Gallery, in Milan, Italy.
I Segreti degli Altri (The Secrets of Others) is a multidisciplinary performance, the artist wanted to redesign the action of confession making it very public and very private at the same time.

the performance begins with the artist sitting, behind her there is a white canvas and in front of her, on a table, there are felt-tip pens and small pieces of fabric available to the public. 

The public is called to ''confess'' their own secret to the artist who, motionless with her sign in hand, waits, reads the secret and brings it back to the canvas by attacking it with a staple shooter, creating a flow of movement and words until she sit back and wait for the moment to pick up the next secret.

Behind her shoulders the picture is gradually created with all the secrets of the others.

I Segreti Degli Altri stands as a cathartic act of change which, through the involvement of people, can help rediscover aspects of everyone. there is a strong desire to transform the personal narratives of the individual into a participatory work that is revealed step by step before the eyes of people. it is a whispered job, it maintains contact and distance, without invading memories or opinions, offering an opportunity for non-verbal dialogue.


Performance (2021) - 25:16 min

ABOUT: written and staged by Silvia Bertocchi in the main yard of Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, Italy.
SHOU is a multidisciplinary performance, the artist started from nature to speak of deprivation, absence and inability to react in the face of greater forces.

Shou is a Chinese word that means 'hands' and the artist, dressed in a long-sleeved dress, never shows hers, reflecting on the absence of a human hand, constantly repeating a mantra that says the word 'hands' 'in 20 different languages ​​starting from Chinese shou, and then mani, hands, ringa ringa, manos, te, tacheria etc ... keeping the vocal tension constant and combining modules of physical performance danced under the suggestive colonnade of the ducal palace, where above a white sheet, the artist meets canvas and color and paints a 70x120 cm picture with the cuffs of the sleeves. The music is by the musician Matteo Spedicati. His hands are never visible until the end of the performance, the abstract painting clearly has a heart in shades of red, in the center, the artist dances with the canvas, then leaves it and goes away to the applause of an audience incredulous in front of a live performance in presence, outdoors and in total safety, something that seemed to never return after the lockdown.

it is possible to see the visual work until January 28, 2021 in total safety. Palazzo Ducale, Piazza Matteotti 9, Genoa.


Performance - 22:11 min (2020)

ABOUT: written and staged by Silvia Bertocchi for the ''Decameron: stories in streaming'' project by Triennale Milano during the Covid 19 emergency.
The multidisciplinary performance SORTECERTA takes place inside an empty Triennale hall due to the restrictions due to the emergency and was shared live on March 10, 2020 through the channels of the same institution.
The work involves three expressive forms: dance, painting and theater. The scene is composed as follows: a white cardboard carpet on which to paint and at the opposite ends of the carpet (therefore to the left and right of the action) two white bandages of fabric - one on each side, held taut by two black sticks with concentric weights at the base - the strips of white fabric are at the height of the artist's mouth considering her standing in front of them.
Through a path of dance and painting on the canvas, the artist travels from side to side without ever being able to get out of the boundaries delimited by canvas and white bandages. In fact, every time she is in front of one of these she will bring a verbal message, the messages are 5:
1- Invigorate your artificial garden with spray jealousy (sortecerta - on the bandage)
2- Daze, gag, rise from the swamp slipping away from unwillingness not own (sortecerta)
3- The plot - The mockery (sortecerta)
4- I feel the shivers of the most sublime of loneliness on me (sortecerta)
5- it's Sortecerta! (sortecerta)
At the end of each message, with a single step forward, the mouth is covered by the fabric. Sure fate. A look at free expression in the repressive era. 

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Performance + Installation (2019) - 8:02 min

ABOUT written and staged by the performer Silvia Bertocchi on the occasion of her first solo exhibition `` InumanAnomaliA '' at the ME Milan Il Duca Hotel.
It starts with an installation, a sort of shocking pink ribbon cage that surrounds the artist for the duration of the performance and excludes the spectators outside. Above the ribbons hang lots of handwritten sheets with all the poems that Silvia will recite in the ensuing 8 minutes. Poetry is the cornerstone of the performance and we therefore find it in three forms: conveyed by the word, written on the sheets and made available to the public who at its discretion can detach and take away the poems from the tape, thus becoming an integral part of the action and in last tattooed on the skin.
The artist recites the poems she has tattooed on her hands and arms, thereby establishing herself a connection with the public who will be able to see, hear, read and take home eight minutes of nearby poetry even if separated by tapes. The tapes do not separate, welcome and support words straight from constant visual contact with the viewer.


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